NETAŞ Mining Transportation

In 1974, the company was put into business life in various regions of Turkey by road and infrastructure construction, and in 1980s, bentonite mine quarry was started to operate in the Middle Black Sea region with the identification of bentonite mine deposits in the vicinity of Ünye and Fatsa. Bentonite mine works adventure, which started in 1986, has turned into a complete bentonite mine quarry operation in 2008 and has taken its first step towards cat litter production in early 2015. In the middle of 2016, started the production and packaging of cat litter in Fatsa /Turkey.
About Us

Our Quality Policy

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We are a leader in the sector

As NETAŞ MADENCİLİK; To provide high standard product service in the national and international Bentonite and Cat Litter sector by observing customer satisfaction with capacity, quality, variety, continuity and after-sales service guarantee.

100% Customer Satisfaction

In line with customer requests and expectations; By adopting the principle of customer focus, using versatile communication methods, to meet customer demands continuously within the framework of timely and accurate delivery understanding, to increase the existing customer satisfaction and trust.

Understanding of Quality

To ensure the realization of the necessary and sufficient quality understanding in every step of the products bearing the brands of NETAŞ MADENCİLİK from the production and supply stage to the final consumer and to increase the awareness and quality in the sector.

Social responsibility

To pay attention to energy efficiency and environmental awareness with the reusability of the raw materials we use and the products we produce, To contribute to the country's economy thanks to our export targets and to increase the current welfare of people.